Introduction: Left, Right, Centre

This is an instructable for the creation of a set of Left, Right. Centre game cubes. (Instructions for the game are set out below).

We purchased everything we needed in our local Hobbycraft store. We've used 4" (100mm) squares or plastic mesh with 6 holes per inch. I can't find them on the Hobycraft website but they came in packs of 10 for about £4 per pack).

We also purchased a ball of macrame string, soft toy stuffing and double knit wool in a couple of colours.

Step 1: The Letters

I started by roughing out the shapes of the letters on each square of plastic mesh. For each cube we need two 'L's, two 'R's and one each of 'K' and 'C'.

My wife is in charge of cross stitching and this step shows a sample of some of the letters.

Step 2: Cross Stitching

The next step is to cross stitch in all the background leaving a border all the way around the edges.

The whole cross stitching thing was a big job and took ages to do, 18 sides in all - thank you, darling.

Step 3: Finishing Off

The last step is to sew along the edges using the macrame string. I needed a large needle with a large eye to get the macrame string through.

Just before sealing up the final edge I stuffed the soft toy filling in just to give the cubes a little bit of weight.

Step 4: The Game

This is a game for a number of people, I would suggest at least six, we've played with up to thirty players.

Each person has three coins of equal value (or counters) to start the game and sits in a circle with a pot at the centre. On a players turn he/she will throw as many cubes as coins in their hand (up to a maximum of three), obviously, first time around everyone has three coins and will throw three cubes.

Coins are moved according to the upturned face on each cube. an L means a coin is given to the player on the left, an R results in a coin given to the player on the right.

If a C is thrown that means a coin must be placed in the pot in the centre of the circle. A K means that the player keeps the coin. Play continues by passing the cubes around the circle clockwise.

The last person still holding a coin wins the pot in the middle.

Step 5:

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