Introduction: Leftover Brisket & Potato Hash

A great breakfast, brunch or even lunch meal. I make this with leftover smoked brisket. You will use a cast iron skillet to fry diced brisket, potatoes, onions, peppers and top it all with some perfectly cooked eggs. You could cook this meal with any type of meat - venison, diced ham, pork loin, sausage, bacon or even skip the meat.


Ingredients -
Vegetable oil
Potatoes - Any variety, peeling is optional
Onion - any color will do
Peppers, deseeded - spicy, mild, sweet - whatever you want
Brisket or other choice of meat

Equipment -
Cast iron skillet or other large deep skillet with lid
Cutting board
Peeler (optional)
Cooking and serving utensils

Step 1: Getting Your Potatoes, Onions and Peppers Diced and Started Cooking

If you are peeling start by peeling your potatoes and rinsing them off.

Dice potatoes in to bite sized pieces, the bigger they are the longer it will take them to cook, keep them a consistent size.

When you have about half of your potatoes diced start your skillet preheating over medium-low heat.

Once your skillet is hot add enough oil to the skillet to cover the entire bottom of your skillet.

Once heated add potatoes and stir to coat with oil, cook covered, stirring every 3-4 minutes.

Dice peppers and onions and add to potatoes as soon as you have them cut up.

Step 2: Finish It Up

Chop or shred your meat while your potatoes, onions and peppers are cooking.

As soon as your potatoes are cooked add your meat and heat for 3 more minutes stirring two or three times.

Crack eggs over mixture, cover pan, after 2-3 minutes turn your pan off and then let sit covered until the eggs reach your desired cooking preference.

Use a spatula to fill your plate, this way your eggs stay on the top.

Top with garnishing of your choice - cheese, chives, green onions, cilantro or salsa are all great options. This could also be served inside of a flour tortilla.
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