Introduction: Legend of Zelda: Paper Rupee

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I made this to say how to make a cute paper rupee. All you need is card stock, glue, pencil, scissors, a pencil, and a picture of a rupee! ENJOY!

Step 1: Draw Your Rupee

What I did was cut my paper in half. Then I drew two rupee pieces! I put some pictures of rupees for you guys to use!

Step 2: Warm Up Your Glue

Just do what the title tells you... ;)

Step 3: Start Gluing

Once it is warm, you should start gluing the edges! WARNING! Don't burn yourself!

Step 4: DONE!

YAY! YOUR DONE! NOW YOU CAN MAKE MILLIONS OF ALL COLORS AND SIZES! And remember to keep an eye out for my Rupee Bag Craft soon!