Introduction: Legend of Zelda Rupee Nightlight

I've always been a huge Legend of Zelda fan (my last instructable was a Majora's Mask replica with flashing LEDs). Wanting to make my first 3D print, I used Tinkercad and started with something simple - a box/case. After looking through some saved items on Thingiverse, I wanted to try making a night light for my daughter (w/ a touch of my nerdiness). So, I ended up making a nightlight with rupee colors from A Link to the Past.

Disclaimer: This is fan art - Nintendo owns all copyrights and trademarks.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

A list of items we'll need to do this:

  • 1 - 5mm Red LED
  • 1 - 5mm Blue LED
  • 1 - 5mm Green LED
  • 1 - Prototype board
  • 3 - 220 resistors
  • 3 - Jumper wires
  • 1 - Micro USB header
  • 1 - Micro USB cable
  • Soldering Iron
  • 3D Printer
    • 3 Rupee Covers (courtesy of
    • 1 Light base
    • 3 Triforce pieces

Step 2: Circuitry

The wiring is very straightforward. Since there isn't any logic, we only need a very simple circuit (no controllers or programming involved). See the pictures for visual reference to the steps below.

  1. Solder the LEDs into the C, N, and Y columns on the prototype board
  2. Solder the microUSB header S-W columns
  3. Attach all of the anodes directly to the VCC pin of the microUSB
  4. Solder one end of a 220 resistor to the cathode pin of the LED and solder the other end directly to the GND pin on the microUSB.
  5. Plug in a microUSB cable to make sure everything is working

Step 3: Print the Base

I printed the base in Cura with the following settings for the AnyCubic i3 Mega:

  • Speed: .2
  • Infill: 5%
  • Pattern:ZigZag
  • Support: No
  • Plate Adhesion: No

Step 4: Print and Apply the Triforce

Apply super glue to the imprints and add the triangles. These should fit snugly in the in the imprints.

Step 5: Print the Rupees

You can find the files to print the rupees from here. Thanks to TheKretchfoop for the design.

Step 6: Putting It Together

The circuit board is super-glued to the underside of the top of the stand. Place the stand upside down and let it sit overnight. Next, apply a little bit of superglue to the inside base of the Rupee cover. Place it on the LED and let it sight overnight.

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