Introduction: Cinderella Carriage

For Halloween this year, our daughter went as Cinderella. She's still young so we decided it would be easier if she had something to ride in as we go from house to house. My wife decorated a wagon to look like Cinderella's carriage and she did an amazing job!




  • Scissors
  • Box Cutter

Step 1: Cut the Hula Hoops and Attach to the Wagon

  1. Take the box cutter and split the hula hoops
  2. Take the ends of the hula hoop and attach one to the back left bar and the other to the opposite on the front (front right). We used packing tape to attach and hold. Note that this isn't the sturdiest method but it held just fine for the evening.
  3. Repeat for the second hula hoop on the opposite side

Step 2: Add Lights

  1. Take the LED strand and tie it right above the edge of the wagon around the hula hoop (see picture).
  2. Wrap the LED strand around the hula hoop until you reach the other end. You can simply drop the LED controller/battery pack in the wagon - it will be covered by the silk sheet we'll drape over the main part of the wagon. (Note: The picture only shows one LED strand lit up but we had two - we had to recharge the batteries.)

Step 3: Wagon Interior

  1. We put a standard king size pillow in the bottom of the wagon to make it more comfortable and look more plush.
  2. We took a throw pillow from the couch and added it as back support (two are shown in previous pictures but we ended up removing one for more leg room)
  3. Take the silk fabric and drape over the wagon. You'll want to tuck in the loose fabric around the pillows but leave enough to cover the outside edge of the wagon.
  4. Take the excess fabric close to the hula hoops and drape in a scallop-type design.
  5. Use a safety pin to bring together the draped fabric to cover the tape and keep it secure.

Step 4: Decorate the Hula Hoops With Fabric

  1. Take your Tricot and lay it over the hoops with equal length on each side.
  2. Once you find the center, gather the fabric and tie the blue ribbon to secure it to the top of the hoops.
  3. Take the fishing line and thread it through the Tricot fabric in order to drape it onto the hoops. Repeat on each hoop (a total of 4).

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches

  1. Add the Gold Leaves over the Tricot fabric (on each hoop). You'll want to add the small mounting tabs along the way to keep it in place.
  2. Next, we'll add a small crown on top, also held on by the sticky tab. You can reinforce with fishing line if you wish.
  3. Lastly, Add the craft pearls on the back of the carriage. This can be held in place with additional safety pins. We also added a string of the gold leaf ribbon.
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