Introduction: Lego AA Battery Holder

This is a lego AA Battery Holder to replace store bought battery holders. It can hold 2 AA Batteries which are connected in series to add voltage.

Intended Purpose:

To replace store bought holders to power small electronic fans or leds.

Quick Description:

- Lego Built

- 2 AA Batteries in Series

- Cheap DIY Replacement for Commercial Product

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Step 1: Parts & Materials

This instructable can easily be built by parts on hand.


Parts & Materials:

- Common Lego Pieces

- 4 Paper Clips


Tools & Equipment:

- Hot Glue Gun

- Pencil

- Wire Stripper


My Advice:

The only reason that you need a wire stripper is if the paper clips have plastic coated on them. We will be stripping the plastic off. If you just have regular paper clips you do not need the wire stripper. :)

Step 2: Build the Lego Box

You need to build a box out of legos to hold the batteries. Use two AA batteries as a guide for the size. You want the box to have a little bit of room so that the batteries can wiggle up and down, not side to side.

For the base I used a 6 x 12 base plate because that is what I had on hand.

For the surrounding pieces you have to use those holed pieces. The batteries take up a 4 x 7 area so you have to put the side pieces around it. Make sure you use the holed pieces because we will be putting wiring through the holes. After the area surrounding the batteries are placed, you have to use thinner pieces to reinforce them on top.

Look at the pictures above for help!

Step 3: Strip the Paperclips

Well, my paper clips have plastic coating on them. Plastic does not conduct electricity so we are going to have to remove it. First straighten the paperclips and use the wire strippers to remove the coating.

Good news! If you have paperclips without coating you do not even have to do this step! Just straighten out the paperclips.

Step 4: Bend the Paperclips

Now, how does a store bought battery holder work? Well, the negative side of the battery has a spring attached and the positive just has a piece of metal.

Let's make something like this. Take one of the four paperclips and wrap it around a pencil like a spring. Leave some of the paperclip straight.(See the pictures above) When you remove the paperclip from the pencil it will be kind off like a spring. Now repeat this step with one other paperclip.

Well, if you did this step properly, you will have two spring paperclips and two regular paperclips that are still straight.

Step 5: Wiring

Place the springs diagonally across in the lego box. Push the straight part of the paperclip spring through the holes on the wall of the lego box. (See pictures above.)

Now for the other two paper clips. Take the two completely straight paper clips and push one in directly across from one of the springs. This way, one side has a spring, and the other has the straight paper clip. Bend the paperclip around the wall of the lego box and twist it around it self. Repeat with the last paper clip with the other side. (Again, it really helps to look at the pictures.)

Step 6: Wire in Series

Each side of the lego box has one spring paperclip wire and one straight paperclip wire. Twist together both on one side of the lego box. This will make the two batteries wired in series.

Step 7: Hot Glue!

Hot glue the paper clips to the lego box. You don't want them falling out.

Step 8: Batteries

Put your batteries inside. Like the typical battery holder, you have to place the negative side on the battery on the spring and the positive on the other side. This way, the batteries will be facing opposite directions.

Step 9: Test

You can use a multimeter or just light up an LED with the battery pack. Just make sure to get the polarity right. You can also solder wires to the paper clips to make it easier.

Step 10: Enjoy!

Thanks everyone! I hope you liked this instructable.

You can easily run small circuits and toys off this lego battery holder.

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