Introduction: Lego Derringer

This is a lego pistol/ derringer that I made when I was supposed to flea my room

Step 1: The Parts

These are the parts for the gun I have an attachment that shoots with string attached sorta like a grappling hook later in the 'ible

Step 2: Making the Gun

I can't really explain it only show you

Step 3: The Trigger

congrats after this step you have made the gun continue on to step 4 for the attachment

Step 4: The Attachment

To make you will need more parts they are listed in step five

Step 5: Parts for the Attachment

These are all the parts you will need and some string or thread

Step 6: Making the Attachment

To make the attachment measure how tall you are with your arm straight up, or however much string/ thread you want. Now grab the spool and tie the selected amount of string/ thread onto it then wrap it around it. You will have a loose end but don't worry we deal with that later. Now for assembling the rest look a the pictures. As you are done with that step take the loose end and tie it on to the second projectile twice. Now it should look like the last picture

Step 7: Attaching the Attachment

Just look at the pictures. Now you are done have fun and don't shoot your eye out. Please comment this is only my third instructable I don't care what you say about it so let the comments fly.