Introduction: Lego Top

This is a lego top I made from parts I had laying around

Step 1: How to Make the Top

For the top I used a black cross connector to spin it with-1, two lego turbo tank wheels as the body-2, some studded black circles not the thick ones USE THE THIN ONES to keep the body from just becoming one part-5. I used a yellow spacer to keep the end on-1, and a gray cross piece with a stop part at one end-1

Step 2: The Top

First connect the thin black pieces to the studs on the outside of the turbo tank wheels, then stick the grey rod thought the center of one of them. Then stick the three remaining black pieces non studded end on the stick, after this put the other turbo tank wheel on. Fully connect the top and put the yellow spacer on. You are almost done then take the single black piece and put it on the non spaced end. This took me about five minutes to make once i had all the pieces. P.s this is only my second instructable so please comment