Introduction: Lego Door Handle

In this easy project, you will turn your door handle into legos.

Step 1: Getting Started

This step is easy. Get a screwdriver and unscrew the door handle. Once the screws are out, take off the door handle. So once you have it off, move to the next step.

Step 2: Supplies

-You will need a strong glue (i recommend gorilla glue, not the stuff in the picture. I tried the G02 glue and it did not hold, but the super glue went perfectly)

-You will need 4 1x1x1 legos like shown in the next step

-You will need 3 round 2x2 legos

-2 wing like legos (as seen later on)

-one lego peg

Step 3: Building (1st Handle)

First you will glue two of the three round 2x2 legos together. Then you will glue those two round legos to the end of one of the wing legos. Next you will take the lego ped and glue it inside the hole in the middle of the 2 round legos (as showed) After that, you will put glue inside one of the 1x1x1 legos and stock that on the open end of the lego peg. Leave it to dry, and the first handle is done! :)

Step 4: Building (second Handle)

For this one, you will take the last 2x2 round lego and glue it at the end of the last wing lego. After that, you will glue one of the remaining 1x1x1 legos in the hole in the middle of of the round 2x2 lego. Then you will glue the two last 1x1x1 legos together and let them dry. After all that is dry, will glue those two 1x1x1 legos to the lego sticking off of the wing legp (as shown). Let all those dry and your second handle is done!

Step 5: Putting It in the Door

After everything is dry, you will carefully stick the lego pieces through the hole in the door (unfortunately I do not have a picture of this) and you will apply glue to both the end of the lego sticking through the door and he end of the lego you are still holding. Connect those two pieces at the glued area and apply pressure for however long the glue you used instructs. After you let go, let it dry for, I'd say a few more hours at least, just to make sure it is ready for use. Once everything is dry, you have yourself a door handle!