Introduction: Lego Halo Wars Minifigures

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This will show you how to make three halo characters out of legos.
you can get the pieces from your Lego collection, or you can buy them, or whatever.

Step 1: Master-Chief (gray)

we'll start with Master-chief (gray version).

Step 2: Make the Body

Attach the legs to the body

Step 3: Backpack

Attach two cylinder pieces the back part

Step 4:

Add black clamps

Step 5: Put Pack on Body

Put the backpack on body.

Step 6: Head

Put head of choice on

Step 7: Helmet

Attach visor to helmet and put on head

Step 8: Make the Gun

Attach a speaker piece to a torch base to make the gun

Step 9: Finish

Give gun to the minifig, and your done!

Step 10: Marine

Next up is the Marine

Step 11: Make Body

Attach legs to body

Step 12: Backpack

Add pack

Step 13: Head

Add head of choice

Step 14: Helmet

Add hat and visor

Step 15: Finish

add gun of choice, and he's done.

Step 16: Alien

Lastly, the alien

Step 17: Legs

Attach a black clamp to legs.

Step 18: Body

Attach a battle droid body to legs, and add a black clamp to that

Step 19: Start the Head

Put a small plate on the clamp and add a transparent blue stud as shown

Step 20: Finish Head

Add a white clamp and another gray plate, for the head.

Step 21: Start Arms

Attach a tooth to a gray clamp

Step 22:

Add white clamp

Step 23:

Add slanted gray piece on top of that.

Step 24:

Add skeleton body and gray clamp.

Step 25: Finish Arms

Mirror steps 23 and 24 to finish the arms

Step 26:

Attach arms to body

Step 27:

Attach a stud and tooth together, and put on back.

Step 28: Gun

I used a scorpion for the gun.

Step 29: Finished!!!

Done, now when your Mom bans your Xbox time, you have these guys to fool around with. Enjoy!

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