Lego M16

Introduction: Lego M16

hi this is Shawn making a Lego m16

Step 1: Handle

put 6 rectangular blocks straight up

Step 2: Trigger

16 circled block onto the handle then put rectangular block on top then a cube beside it then on top

Step 3: Pistol

okay get a 16 circled rectangular and a 3 circled rectangular and half cube togethor and get a 20 circled rectangular on top

Step 4: Machine Reload

get a rectangle and put a rectangular on top then two cubes on top and two flat squares on top then put it under the edge of 16 circled rectangular on the underunder

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    7 years ago

    what the heck is this? Looks nothing at all like a m16. Looks like a bunch of parts thrown together.

    CSI worker
    CSI worker

    8 years ago

    Nice, maybe you should add a stock to it just for extra detail