Robin Mask

Introduction: Robin Mask

hi I'm Shawn making a robin mask

Step 1: Drawing and Cutting

okay get a notebook piece of paper and draw a little line where half of your nose is at then draw a line where your eyebrows is at then draw a wing but first draw a line then the wing and wing on the other side and down big line and attach it to the top wing like bat symbol draw two circles that are the eyes then draw a bat eye round the circle and another one in the other circle then make a eyebrow on top of the eye and other one to then make under brows under the eye then last cut the eyes and cut the mask

Step 2: Black

just put black tape on

Step 3: Finish

what I did was that I tape around my head to my eyes then put it on the mask then tape the tape so that your hair ain't stuck

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great googling goggles Batman! This looks cool. You should swap the main video game photo for the picture of the completed mask, so people can see what they'll be making before they click on your Instructable.


    8 years ago

    Cool. Punctuation is your friend, by the way.