Introduction: Lego Movie Nutella Jar Snow Globe

This project combines two of my very favourite things in the world, Lego and Nutella. In fact, three of my favourite things, because I'm quite a fan of Sugru too. And then there's glitter...

Yes. This project includes a good many of the things I love!

Youcan use any jar for this project really, but Nutella jars are awesome, not only because you get to eat all of the Nutella first, but because they have a domed base and don't really look like jars once they are upcycled. And you can use any Lego figures - or anything else that's small and waterproof - as the subject of your snowglobe.

Step 1: Gather Materials

As mentioned, you can substitute a fair bit to create the perfect snowglobe for you. So this is just what I used, as a guide:

  • Nutella jar (the domed kind)
  • Lego minifigures
  • Distilled water
  • Glycerin (you can find this in the pharmacy or the baking isle - the pharmacy is usually cheaper)
  • PVC Glitter - you can use what you like, but for a 'snow' effect white 1mm hex glitter is ideal
  • Glue gun
  • White Sugru

Step 2: Attach Minifigures

First, use hot glue to attach the Minifigures to the lid of the Nutella jar. The downside of using Nutella jars to make your snowglobes is that the lids are made from LDPE, a plastic that can be quite tricky to glue. But a hot glue gun works just fine!

Step 3: Fill Jar

Obviously, you want your jar to be empty and clean for this. The fun part is eating all of the Nutella. You will also need to remove the label, which is fairly easy. Then make sure the jar is scrupulously clean - sterilised if possible, and all fingermarks wiped away. Anything left inside the jar will be there for eternity!

Fill the jar with distilled water, almost to the very top but not quite so that it is overflowing. Add a tablespoon of glycerin and mix well. The glycerin will prevent the snow from sinking straight to the bottom of the jar.

Once you have added the glycerin, you can add your glitter. Judging the right amount can be a little difficult and will depend on the size of your jar and the type of glitter you are using, but I used about a tablespoon.

Step 4: Add Sugru

Next, add a rim of sugru around the inside edge of your jar. This will help the sealant to adhere better around your jar and add a little texture to the base of the snowglobe. I used white to match the base of my jar, but feel free to use whatever you like! There are loads of amazing new colours of Sugru out now. I love that stuff!

Step 5: Add Sealant

Next, add some clear or white sealant round the edge of the jar. Then, slowly and carefully, add the lid of the jar. The goal is to avoid having too big an air gap at the top of the jar, but also avoid water spilling out as you add the minifigures. If the Sugru and sealant get wet, they will not cure correctly and your snowglobe may leak.

Step 6: Wait.

Yes, you will need to wait. At least 24 hours. It will be difficult. You will be tempted to turn it over, just to see what happens.

Don't do it!

Both the Sugru and the sealant will need at least 24 hours to cure. So restrain yourself...

Step 7: Have Fun, Go Mad!

After 24 hours of unbelievable patience, you will be rewarded with an awesome snowglobe.


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