Introduction: Simple Paper Gift Bow

These bows are big, beautiful and will add a dramatic statement to any gift! You can make them to co-ordinate with any colour scheme or paper, and they would make great hairclips or brooches too. They will take your giftwrapping to the next level and make any gift you give immediately more exciting!

Step 1: Gather Materials and Equipment

You will need:

  • 12 inch square of scrapbook paper
  • Knife, ruler, and cutting mat
  • Double sided tape or glue

Step 2: Cut Strips of Paper

First, you need to cut some strips of paper. You will need:

3 x 12 inch strips

3 x 11 inch strips

3 x 10 inch strips

1 x 6 inch strip

1 x 5 inch strip

All strips are 3/4 inch wide. Cut with a knife and ruler for maximum accuracy - scissors will do, but it is hard to get a straight line.

Step 3: Find the Centre Point of Each Strip

Gently bend each strip in half and very lightly crease where the halfway point is. This will make it easier to fold them accurately. Be careful to crease only lightly though - too heavy and you will damage the appearance of the bow.

Step 4: Fold Figures of Eight

Twist each strip into a figure of eight as shown. Holding the strip in the middle, bend one end round twice and secure in place with double sided tape or glue. Repeat with the other end. Do this for all of the strips except the smallest two.

Step 5: Create Rosettes

Take the three largest figures of eight. Layer the three inside one another to form a rosette as showm ,securing each layer with tape or glue.

Repeat with the middle sized and then the smallest sized figures of eight.

Step 6: Layer Rosettes

Now, layer the three rosettes inside one another, offsetting as shown.

Step 7: Finish the Bow

Finish by rolling the two smallest strips into hoops. Fix the smaller loop into the larger one at 90 degrees to it. Secure into the centre of the rosette.

Once you have done this, your bow is complete and ready to adorn a lovely gift!

Step 8:

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