Introduction: Lego-Table

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A simple and cheap way to prep and put together a lego tabletop.

Step 1: Materials

The LACK table from ikea is a super cheap table and the ideal size for this project for use of around three years old.

The lego sheet can vary in price, official is more as expected but there are lego compatible ones that are less but don't have the same clearance tolerances, so may be more difficult to pull lego off of. still functional, just something to consider.

The lego sheet is 40x40cm and the tabletop is 55x55cm

Step 2: Measurement

First of all I had to disassemble the table, if buying new you wont have to do this but I thought it would be worth mentioning if you get any of the double-headed screws stuck in the table as you unscrew the legs. just use something soft like tissue with pliers so you don't ruin the screw threads too much.

Measuring is straight forward, 55cm tabletop and a 40cm sheet means 7.5cm margins on each side. I first used small marks then put the lego sheet in place and lightly drew around the whole sheet.

Step 3: Preparation

Using the lines I made I folded some A2 paper sheets and used masking tape to hold it in place. don't use anything stronger then masking tape as it might leave marks on the table or leave adhesive behind when it comes to pulling it off.

Once I masked it all off I put the lego sheet into the space to make sure none of the table would show. I got pretty spot on first try but because of the masking tape it should be easy to adjust the paper if needed.

Step 4: Sanding

Using a small piece of rough, low grit sandpaper (about 80 grit) to get into the corners of the masked area, taking care not to go under the paper.

I sanded the back of the lego sheet with the same paper them wiped down both surfaces with a dry paper towel.

Sanding like this before trying to adhere two surfaces is called keying, as your making grooves for the glue to hold onto.

Step 5: Gluing

For this I used a spray adhesive as it's quick and easy, pretty cheap too. Not the strongest bond but should be enough for this.

Spraying both surfaces, then waiting a few minutes for the glue to partially dry. While waiting I took the masking off to make sure it wouldn't end up stuck to the tabletop. Then putting the two surfaces together.

Step 6: Drying

I put one corner of the lego sheet down first then aligned the opposing corner before letting the settle onto the tabletop, lined up perfectly. You do have some time to adjust but once you put pressure between the two it's not so easy to move around.

Once together, remeasured and adjusted if needed, I flipped the tabletop over and put weight on the back to leave for a while to dry and adhere. since this is more a contact adhesive, it wont take long but I wanted to make sure it will be completely flat and consistent to the tabletop.

Finished! I haven't put the legs back on as its to be wrapped for xmas.

Step 7: Complete

I just screwed the legs back on and done.

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