Introduction: Lego Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

This morning while brushing I found myself wishing I had one of those plastic toothpaste tube squeezer thingies (the technical term).

I checked Amazon and the ones I liked were about $5 each. I also wasn't happy about bringing extra plastic crap into our home. So I thought about how to make one.

Lego construction seemed a promising route.

This should work equally well for other tubed materials like sunscreen, makeup, oil or watercolor paints, etc.

Step 1: Pieces

Find the 4 required Lego technic pieces. They are:
-2 bars with holes, at least 9 holes long for a standard tube. Longer is fine.
-The critical pins that my son the Master Builder calls "threes." These pins have one end that fits securely into a bar's holes. The other end has a double-long section that the bar can slide on. This lets you adjust the distance between the bars.

Step 2: Assembly

Put together with enough space between the pins to accommodate your preferred tube. Mine was at the ends of a 9-hole bar. It doesn't seem to matter if the pins are oriented the same or swapped.

Step 3: Use

Voila! Nudge the bars apart, insert tube, and squeeze together. The bars make a surprisingly effective squeegee and stay where you leave them, forcing the remaining toothpaste to the spout end. Have fun and thanks for reading.