Lego Art in an Old Box

Introduction: Lego Art in an Old Box

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I have an old wooden box with ugly decoration on the top. I decided to renew it and I choose Lego!

Step 1: Open the Lid

I never really liked the sewing things decoration on the top.

On the base of the lid there are screws and squares. Take all those away with a screwdriver. Pay attention to the glass!

Now the decorated part is workable.

Step 2: Take Away All the Old Decorations

Take away all the horrible things using pliers, cutters and all you need. The lid is wooden, so pay attention to splinters.

Step 3: Take Away the Wooden Sticks

Using pliers and screwdriver take away the wooden sticks. Pay attention not to hurt yourself and not to break the wooden base.

Then you can use some sand paper on the base and paint it.

Step 4: Insert the Bricks!

Insert the bricks in the lid. I don't have a lot of green bricks, so I used platforms. If the lid is thick enough you can to a base of platforms. Mine wasn't, so I usedonly bricks.

I did right intersections as the right use of Lego required ;)

I did 5 simple lines in white, green, yellow, blueand red, but of course you can free your fantasy!

Step 5: Close the Lid

Put the lid back on and screw back on the squares.

Finished! >^.^<

Tip: If you use the platform on the base and not put back on the glass, you can use it as a base for Lego construtions :)

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