Lego-like Birthday Invitation Box (Downloadable, Editable Template!!!)




Introduction: Lego-like Birthday Invitation Box (Downloadable, Editable Template!!!)

A birthday invitation box made for my daughter's birthday, which resembles a 2X2 Lego brick.

Follow these instructions and custom make your own with the downloadable template.

Step 1: The Issue: Birthday Invitation Card

My daughter asked me to make a birthday card which resembled the 2X2 Lego brick.

So why not make an invitation box instead?

Step 2: What the Box Looks Like?

It is a 4cm X 4cm base box and 2 cm high.

I made the box template in Google Sketchup and then imported it to Inkscape to add text on it

Step 3: Download Software, Edit Text and Print

You should download a software called Inkscape to edit the text.

A hint: You can download a portable version from here:

Download the drawing.svg file

Follow the instructions in the video how to edit the template and print.

Step 4: Cut Out the 2 Squares

Step 5: Make These 4 Cuts Into the Square

Step 6: Follow These Steps to Fold the Box

Step 7: Fold the Box

Step 8: Now Take the Bottom Part of the Box and Do Exactly the Same Steps

Cut, fold the edges and fold the box scape

Step 9: You Will End Up With 2 Half Boxes, Insert Them Into Each Other

Step 10: Now Print With the Other Ones With Different Colored Papers

Hint: You can put a small chocolate or candy in the box as well

Step 11: I Am Wishing Happy Birthday to Your Beloved Ones!!! :)

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