Introduction: LEGO PLINKO

Hi all, I was playing with Lego recently and after seeing this Instructable I decided to give it a go.

I always wanted to have a pegboard so I decided to make one.

If you know what this arcade toy is called please let me know, I tried to Google different stuff and found no results.

Thanks to this Instructable: Open Source Beer Bottle Cap Mosaic Program I now know the name! it is officially called PLINKO.

So, I got to work and built myself this neat little board!

If you want to know how to make it go on to the next step.

Step 1: First, the Board.

To start you will need 3 "10x20" base-plates, the kind where you can clip stuff to both sides.

You will also need an assortment of little bricks to use as the "pegs".

Arrange the bricks any way you like, I did mine so I could use a dime or penny for the coin, if you want to use a quarter sized coin you will need more pieces and a bigger board.

One rule to go by if you want to use a dime or penny is to make sure no pegs are within three knobs apart.

Step 2: The Main Part of the Board

The main thing with the board is to make sides, once you have that you need the base of the board.

In the second photo I have removed the base of the board and in the next step I will show you an "exploded view" of the base of the board.

When arranging the pegs, like I said in the last step you need to take note of the size of your coins.

Step 3: The Base of the Board

This lot of photos is the base of the board, Note that I used different colors in each different slot, Mine are Orange, Black, Green and Yellow you can choose different colors depending on what you like best.

I did not have a large amount or assortment of any one color so I had to use a range of colors.

It is a simple design that should be able to be followed with ease.

If you can't follow it properly I will include a LDD format of the model.

Step 4: The Stand

The stand is made of all white pieces, all are 2x4 except 6 2x2's.

I made three of the stands and arranged them one on each edge and one in the middle.

They are easy to make and you don't have to make them all one color.

The only thing that is different to the actual model in LDD is the three 10x20 base-plates, I made them out of 90 2x10 plates.

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