Introduction: Lemon Basil Butter

What is more refreshing than three of your favorite flavors all in one? I ran across this recipe when I was finding ways to use the basil I get from my CSA. It tastes best on Italian bread but this time I tried it on naan.

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:

A bunch of basil

Zest of one lemon

A stick of butter

In the pictures I halved the recipe so you will have more than what is pictured.

Step 2: Set Aside Your Butter

It is easier to work with if your butter is a little soft.

Step 3: Prep and Add Basil

Finely chop the basil as small as you like it.

Step 4: Zest the Lemon

Since I halfed the recipe I only used half the lemon.

Step 5: Mix and Spread

Mix it all up with a fork. Like I said, Italian bread is the best. This butter could also be used on potatoes or with chicken or fish. Enjoy.

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