Introduction: Lens Flare Creating Filter, With 3D Printed Parts!


in this project i want to show you how you can build yourself a "Lens-Flare-Filter" for your DSLR or Digitalcamera! With the filter you can easy create a cinnematic look on your pictures and Videos, wthout spending much money on expensive programs! We will use a few 3D printed parts, theese can be replaced with parts created in a cnc mill or by selfmade parts, but i will present you the 3D printed version i made.

So lets get started! :)

Step 1: Parts and Tools!

Because of the 3D printing we need only one extra part. Total costs about: 3$


A filter in the size of your lens, mine is 58mm

A few 3D printing parts (later in this project)


A screwdriver

A 3D printer



Thats it, no more parts/tools needed :)

Step 2: The Case!

Now we need to make the case of the filter. The easiest way and the way we will do it is, to get a case of another filter which we dont need, or which is useless. Now it is important, that we get a case, what is open able. You can see that is it openable if it has 2 small notches on it frontside. Otherwise it may is glued, what means it is not useable for us.

Remember to get a case what fit onto your lens!

Step 3: Open Case

Now he have to open our filter case, for this we use a small screwdriver.Put him into a notch and try to turn it left! Pay attention, we dont want to break the case...

If it doesnt work try the other notch!

After one or two turns it should be open able by hands, try that, it is much more easier!

Step 4: Remove the Old Filter!

After we opened it we have to remove the old filter. normally it should fall out when you turn it, if not, just pop it out! As we dont need the old filter anymore, you can destroy it. We only need the case.

Step 5: 3D Printed Parts!

Now lets get to the second part on our list, the 3D printed parts, yay! :)

We have to print a new filter with a small, thin stick in the middle. The stick will distract light so that it creates nice lens flares on the image!

So i measured the outer diameter of my old filter and the inner diameter of the lens case, to create a ring which fits perfectly into the case. in the middle of the ring i created this stick, in different sizes to create different lens-flare strengthen.

Step 6: OpenSCAD

To create the filter I used OpenSCAD, it is a awesome program to create 3D files and make them printable...

To make a 3D file printable press 'F6' , the program will start rendering the 3D object. That will need some time... After this we have to go to File>>Export>>Export as STL

Now the program will create us a STL file, which we can convert into a "Gcode", to print it!

Step 7: The Code!

As i mentioned i created differen strengthen. I created 3: Small, Mid, Max

You can get the code for all three here:

It is made for a 58mm lens case/lens

Just open it with the OpenSCAD program and export it a STL file...

Now you are ready to print it! :) In my opinion the large one is the best one....

You can pick the color you want, but a yellow print makes yellow flares and a blue one blue flares... That is usefull when you would like to film the sun, then yellow ones are awesome!

Step 8: Put It Together!

Now we are ready to put it all together!!!

As you can see on the pictures the print fit perfectly into the case! So just put it in, dont glue it, we want it to be moveable freely!

Step 9: Screw the Ring Back On!

Now we have to screw the ring back on, sometimes that is a little bit difficult, beacuse of the size of the ring. Remember, when it doesnt fit so good, dont use violence, it will break!! So be careful!

Also dont screw it to hard onto it we want the filter to be moveable!

Step 10: Finishing and Testing!!

Congratulations!!!! You builded your own Lens flare filter!!! :)

Lets test it!

Step 11: How to Use It?

Easy, just screw the filter onto your lens and align the line vertical. the lens flare will now be horizontal on the picture, when you photograph/film into light.

Just play around and create some nice photographs and films!

How does it works:

The light will be scattered on the line and create a light flare on that height. Very simple, easy to recreate! :)

Step 12: Thank You and Ideas!


Make the filter in a cnc mill

make more lines, for a cross-flare


Ok, that's it, i'm out! :)

Thank you for reading, feel free to comment and check my other projects out!

Also feel free to vote or visit my website:



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