Introduction: Leopard Eyes

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Hey momoluvers! It's momo and today I'm creating a leopard look. I made a cheetah spots look in a previous instructable.

When I saw an image and I was immediately inspired to make my own tutorial. Please vote for the beauty contest! I really appreciate it;)

Step 1: Base Shadow

Apply a gold/orange shadow with a round brush in a blended hue along the outer corner of your eye.

Step 2: Blending

Use a light brown shadow and a fluffy brush to blend the outer edges of the base shadow. This should make it softer and less harsh.

Step 3: Highlighting

Use a lighter orange, peachy color on the inner corner with a standard eyeshadow brush.

Step 4: Definition

Continue with a small shadow brush and a black shadow along the outer crease to define the lid.

Step 5: Waterline

Fill in the waterline with a smoky black shadow. It should really stand out!

(I accidentally did the waterline step after the spots;)

Step 6: Spots!

Use a white eye pencil and an angled liner brush to make oval shapes along the outer edge of the eye.

Outline the white spots with black liquid liner in a 'U' shape. Add small dots in between the spots.

Step 7: Flick

Use the black liquid liner again to line the eye and add a small flick

Step 8: Finished!

That's it! This is a simple look but an amazing statement piece. It would be a wonderful accent to a Halloween costume. I hope y'all enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for liking and commenting on this instructable!

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