Introduction: Let's Make a Desk With Milk Cartons

Do you think that milk cartons become useful things everyday life? You may say "No.". MIlk cartons are transformed into toilet paper and so on.we can't do that by ourself.Can't we make milk cartons practical things by my self? the answer is Yes. When you buy a desk at shop,how much is it ? We think that it's expencive.Milk cartons are practical materials for a desk. You can make a desk without spending too much money.Let's make a desk with milk cartons.

Step 1: Materials

You will need 36 milk cartons , gummed tape, a utility knife , a bond , corrugated cardboards , old clothes or cloth and newspaper.

Step 2: Stuff Newspapers Into All Milk Cartons

First, crumple newspapers like first picture. Close the top of milk cartons with tape when you put newspaper into all milk cartons.

Step 3: Make the Upper Side

Then, unity these four milk cartons into one group with gummed tape like picture. Please, make four group. Next, construct four group together with gummed tape. You can make a little big milk cartons board. After that, to tighten the milk cartons board, cut the cardboard along it and attach the cardboard to the surface of the milk cartons board with gummed tape.

Step 4: Make Legs

Following, make legs. Put four milk cartons which you made at Step 2 into one group. You can make four groups by using remaining milk cartons. Then, to tighten, cut the corrugated cardboards along the shape of legs and attach the corrugated cardboards into legs like picture.

Step 5: Decoration

Use a few suits of old clothes or inexpensive cloth. Cut them along the milk cartons board and legs. Attach the clothes into board and legs whitch you made with bond or gummed tape once.

Step 6: Assemblage

After bond dried, Contrust the board and legs .

Step 7: Use As a Desk

That's all.Milk cartons become a wondrful desk!

Step 8: Conclution

Like this , milk cartons can become a practical everyday life thing.This spend us within 500 yen. How economical that is!

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