Introduction: Lets Make Some Salsa and Then Can It!

First gather up the ingredients and chop them up.  Juicy Roma tomato's, Jalapeno, Serrano, Chili peppers.  Some Onions, cilantro, Salt, garlic and some black pepper to taste.  I juice half the Roma's and chop fine the other half.  Fine chop the onions and cilantro.  Roast the peppers for better flavor, then seed and fine chop them

Step 1: Cook It Up

Put it all in a pot and start cooking.  Add some salt, black pepper and garlic to taste and maybe some lime juice.  Once its cooked nice and hot it's ready to can.

Step 2: And Now Can It!

Break out the canning supplies, clean and stearlized bottles, lids, pots, and utensiles.  Fill the jars to withing an inch of the top. Cap them off, and place in a water bath canner.  Because these are tomato and pepper based you don't to need to pressure can them