Introduction: Lets Can Some BACON!

Yes, you can indeed can BACON! Ahem sorry, I obsess a little when it comes to bacon, a basic food group.

First fry up a mess of BACON!  In this case I made 12 pounds of fried bacon.  I bought 36 pounds from Zaycon and I needed to preserve it somehow and freezing just wasn't an answer so canning it must be.

Since this is going into Pint jars I cut the bacon in half so it would fit.  This is also the perfect size for bacon sandwiches. Do not over cook the bacon as it will cook a little more as you pressure can it.

Smells so good on the grill!

Drain the grease well.  6 pounds worth of delicious BACON!

Now your ready to pack and can!  Cut strips of parchment paper about 24 inches long and a foot wide.  Place 18 pieces on it, fold top and bottom over and roll.  Stuff it into the jar, put on the lid, and repeat until all the jars are full and your ready to pressure can it.

And into the pressure canner it goes. 75 Min and its done.

On the table and cooling.  7 pints worth for 6 pounds of bacon, minus what I ate while cooking it. Hey you got to test it while you cook it!

Here's a raw packed quart next to a cooked pint. Notice the amount of fat in the jar.  it makes a big difference to cook it first.

You can also make and can your own Bacon bits too.  Just buy bacon ends, chop up fine, and cook out the fat.  Drain well, fill jar, and pressure can it.  Enjoy!