Introduction: Letter Format Writing Machine

This Letter Format Writing Machine could help anyone, especially students, solve their problem on the unfamiliarity of the email format. With this machine, the user could easily "type" out the email format, all they have to do is fill in the message they wish to deliver, saving time and increasing efficiency. The machine could write in both Chinese and English, in which the user could push the buttons for the language they choose to write.


Bread Board - 1

Button - 2

Blue resistance - 2

Box (big enough to contain a breadboard) - 1

Utility knife - 1

Pencil - 1

Acrylic foam tape - 1 roll

Step 1: Cut Two Holes on the Box for the Button's Placement

To pull out the buttons after the breadboard is taped in the box, cut two holes for the two buttons.

1. Trace the buttons' shape on the box (* Do not trace bigger than the button's size, or else the button could easily fall back to the box when pulled out.)

2. Cut the holes following the line traced with a utility knife.

Step 2: Drill a Rectangle Hole for the USB Wire to Go Through

Drill on a hole on the side of the box to let the USB wire to go through, connecting the breadboard inside the box.

1. Draw a rectangle on the side of the box, approximately the size of the USB wire.

2. Cut or drill the hole by a utility knife.

Step 3: Connect the Wires

Connect the wires by using the two buttons, two blue resistances, and the connecting wires on the breadboard. Connect the wires as the circuit diagram shown.

Step 4: Tape the Bread Board Inside the Box

1. Stable the breadboard firmly inside the box with tape.

2. Then pull out the two buttons from the holes, you could use the acrylic foam tape to make the buttons stable.

3. Lable the language that the button would write by paper, stick it onto the buttons.

Step 5: Coding

The last step is the coding, attach to the link for the code of Letter Format Writing Machine.