Introduction: Arduino Project - Stop Watch

This stopwatch can be used to time anything you want, for example, time taken to finish a task or give yourself pressure on the time used to finish a work. The LEDs help the user to clearly know the timing of starting and stopping.

This project originally comes from, which I made an improvement: add red and green LED, green LED would lighten when the user pushes "start" which red LED would lighten when the user pushes "stop". I made this improvement since not everyone would push the button by themselves, they might ask others to time for them. Thus, the clear timing of "start" and "stop" becomes important. With the help of LEDs, the user could clearly know when to start or stop.


Materials needed (The box is optional, the purpose is to make your project look better)

1. LCD - 1

2. Buttons - 2

3. LED red - 1

4. LED green - 1

5. Resistances - 2

6. Extension cord - 4 (only needed when you want to put the project in the box)

Step 1: Connect the Wires

Connect the wires as the schematics show. You could use the extension cord to make the length of LED longer if you need to.

Step 2: Coding

Click the link to get the coding done.

Step 3: Decoration

To make the timer look better, put it in the box and pull out the LCD, buttons, and LEDs.