Introduction: Levitating Lemur

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Hello everyone, here is an instructable how to make "levitating effect" for figure on the pencil top for kids. It' not proper levitation, because one end is held by fishing line. In this instructable I used thick green coloured fishing line to make it more visible to illustrate the process. For the real world project could be taken transparent with 0.1- 0.15mm thick. Transparent one is not visible from the distance in 0.5 m in daylight, so it look like plastic figure is levitating.

If you interested in how to do this, let's continue.


• small plastic/rubber figure

• piece of the thin fishing line

• 2 x neodymium magnets I've used cylinder shaped with 5mm in diameter

• tooth pick

• drill with 2 drill bits, one have to be the sane diameter as magnets

• sharp knife

• basic pencil or pen that is suitable for the diameter

• 3D printer

Step 1: 3D Models to Print

Here is the models to print in 2 file formats, STL file is ready for the printer slicer, so can be downloaded and printed with no changes.

Model from the solid works, could be adjusted to fit your needs and exported as STL.

Step 2: Preparing the Figure

Using the small drill bit, drill the hole from the bottom, as on the picture #1 for ≈ 2cm in the deep. If you're using rubber figure, take the knife and cut the piece of rubber on from the top of the head. Using the larger drill bit, drill the hole with ≈6 mm in the deep. Push the magnet in the figure's head, apply some glue on magnet and cover it with cut piece of rubber.

Step 3: Finishing the Assembly

tTake a piece of the fishing rod, make a knot on the one end and thread it rethought the hole on the one side of the toy holder, like on the picture. put the second magnet on the toy's head and check the magnet's polarity. Using the same direction of the poles, insert the magnet in the top end. Insert the fishing line in the bottom of the figure, adjust the length and fix the rod by using the toothpick inside the figure. Verify that everything works and figure is not falling out and cut the sticking out piece of the toothpick. Put the whole assembly on the pencil top and it's done!

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