Introduction: Floating Plant Hanger

Add greenery to any wall and economize space. This hanger is simple to make and endlessly customizable. You can find all of the necessary supplies at your neighborhood hardware store.


Untreated Wooden Board (2x6x32 inch untreated pine, in my case)

Two Foam Brushes

Two rags

Pre-stain treatment




Ring-holders (4 inch diameter)

Picture Frame mounting teeth

Plants in 4 inch diameter pots

Mounting Hardware (optional)

Forstner drill bit (optional)

Step 1: Stain the Board

I follow this basic process:

1. Sand wood with 220 grit sandpaper

2. Coat with pre-stain treatment to help wood absorb the stain

3. Apply stain with rag, and then wipe away excess stain with a separate clean rag

4. Allow stain to dry (about 2 hours)

5. Apply additional coats of stain until you achieve the color you want

You can read more about staining wood here:

Step 2: Drill Holes

Now that the board is stained, prepare it for the rings. I recommend pre-drilling the holes to avoid splitting the board later.

1. Find the center of the board, draw line at the approximate spots you want rings to hang (my rings about 10 inches apart, with 3-4 inches offset from the ends of the board)

2. Position ring at desired spot

3. Mark the spots for drilling

4. Pre-drill the holes


The rings I bought came with mounting screws that are too long for my board. I got my own shorter screws and nuts for mounting. To avoid damaging my wall with the screws, I used a 3/4 inch forstner bit to drill large holes in the back so I can mount the rings "internally." (See step 4)

Step 3: Apply Polyurethane

Now that the board is stained, seal it with polyurethane. I chose a glossy finish to give it a nice sheen.

1. Apply polyurethane with foam brush

2. Allow to dry for 4 hours between coats

3. Apply 2-3 coats for a high-sheen finish

Step 4: Mount Hardware

Mount the rings and picture hanger teeth to the board. Make sure the screws do not protrude through the board, or your wall will be damaged.

You can see here how I used the holes drilled with the Forstner bit. My screws are offset from the wall, and secured with nuts. This allows for easy removal of the rings, but isn't strictly necessary.

Step 5: Hang on the Wall, Add Plants

Make sure this is hanging from a stud! It is too heavy for drywall alone.

The 4 inch rings allow for a huge variety of pots.

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