Introduction: License Plate Letter Words

What should you do with old license plates? I decided to make words with the letters in the plates, and this instructable shows you how.

Step 1: Cutting the Plates

Having the use of Tech Shop, I choose to use the hydraulic shear to cut the letters. There are multiple ways to cut the letters.

Step 2: Other Option

A Beverly shear or throat less shear is also an option for cutting the letters.

Step 3: Wood Background

I used an 8 inch pinewood board for the backboard cut to the size of the letters.

Step 4: Stain the Backboard

I used a walnut color stain for the backboard. You can pick any stain for your project.

Step 5: Glue the Letters Down

E-6000 was used to glue the letters down. I made this at tech shop.