Introduction: Life Hack: No-Show Socks (No Sew!)

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Sometimes you throw on some really cute shoes, but you absolutely need socks to wear them (ouch, the blisters if you don't!)...Enter in the dilemma: you only have ankle or crew socks on hand. Bummer.

You could go out and buy some new no-show socks for a pretty penny (not to mention the time it takes and the traffic you'll hit), OR you could read on for a super easy and free way to fix this dilemma and be on your way in hidden comfort.

I just love me a useful life hack...don't you? :)

Step 1: What You'll Need...

1. Cute Shoes

2. Crew or Ankle Socks

3. Scissors

4. Pen or marker

Step 2: Socks & Shoes On

Slip on your socks and shoes.

Step 3: Mark

Using your pen or marker, draw a line down from the top hem of the sock tracing around the top of the shoe, under the tongue, and back up to the other side's top hem. LEAVE A LITTLE BIT AROUND THE BACK OF THE HEEL (as seen in the last picture). Also, try not to draw on the top hem of the sock.

Step 4: Remove Socks & Shoes

Take off your shoes and socks.

Step 5: Cut

Sorry about the darker photos here, the sun must've gone behind a cloud.

1. Fold the socks in half.

2. Start cutting UNDER the pen/marker line from the toe side of the sock (not the ankle part). Make sure you are cutting UNDER the line so there's no line showing once the socks are finished.

3. Separate the sock fold to ensure that as you cut along the line, it's correct on all sides (sometimes if you leave it folded in half, it doesn't cut evenly).

4. When you get to the top hem (elastic part) of the sock, cut under the sewn part of the hem to keep the elastic intact. STOP at the lines you made by the heel and cut it back down around to the other cut lines (to make a hole in the sock).

5. This is what the socks look like now (last picture). Slip them back on.

Step 6: Finished

Slip your shoes back on, pull your pant legs down, and enjoy yourself!


1. Yes, this works the best with something to cover them up with. However, they actually look kinda cool as-is if you HAD to wear them with a skirt or shorts. Almost like ballerina shoes.

2. If you cut off the elastic, the socks won't stay up. So if you're experimenting with some alternative options, take that into consideration.

3. Try using different types of socks besides just the traditional thick cotton. These thin ones look cute and stylish (last two pictures)!

4. Be ready for people to ask you where you bought them from...a bunch of people asked my daughter once her shoes came off.