Introduction: Life Hacks That You Need to Know

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This guide will show you life hacks that you must know. From dogs, to air freshener. Here we go...

Step 1: Stay Fresh

After 5 minutes do your rooms still smell bad even after you spray with air freshener? This hack will show you how to fix that. Step 1 shades Find some shades or screen on a window. Aim spray about 2 inches away and spray across. You will be able to see it but it will go away in 5-10 minutes. DO NOT SRAY ON WHITE SHADES!! IT WILL TURN YELLOW!! Step 2 towels Spray towels and all other fabric things. AGAIN NO WHITE!

Step 2: Quick, Cheap & Heathy Dog Treats

Give Mr. Doggy some ice cubes! Make sure thy are small enough so they don't choke.

Step 3: Freezy Not So Easy to Squeasy

Yo Freezy Not So Easy To Squeasy? No problemo. Just run it under some water warmer than it. That should be easy, because water warmer than that freezy will be water, not ice. :)
Freezy, AKA otter pop

Step 4: Look Snazzy in a Flash!

Transform a t-shirt into a dress in a flash! Stick your self into the head hole. Have the hole under your arms. Tuck in arm material. I got this from someone one here but I can't find them! Comment if you are them!

Step 5: Ice Pack

Need a slow melt ice pack? This is it! Fold up some paper towels, get them wet, and freeze!

Step 6: Band Aid Hurt Free Removal

You know when you pull off a bandaid ( on a particularly hairy spot) it hurts and pulls out your hair! And then you think, wow I can wax with da bandaid!!!!!!!!!! But no. No. Hurt is bad. To remove a bandaid or other sticky thing, you have to pull a little corner up, then take some soap, cleanser, moisturizer, etc. As you SLOWLY pull it off put your massage your soap stuff under the bandaid. There you go!

Step 7: Don't Double Dip

Want to double dip da carrot!?! No. Gross. Break carrot in half and enjoy!

Step 8:

Thanks and comment if any questions!