Introduction: Life Saving Pack

Hello Every one!

Today I wanna share with you my Idea I called it Life Saving Pack, it is so simple and specially made for smokers! I have made small cigarette pack which can hold up to 9 cigs or 3 cigs plus the lighter!

(A). The idea behind this;

1- When your regular cigarette pack is about to run out and you still have 3 or 4 cigs only, the space of it usually seems big and annoying specially when its empty or have few, specially when you put it inside your Jeans pocket or shirt, therefor, reducing the size of the regular pack is pretty awesome idea :)

2- When you go for a short trip or so, you don't have to hold the whole regular pack with you! you can take Life Saving Pack with you holding up to 9 cigs only which you may be accustomed to use it each time, you may fill it once or twice a day... By this way, you will consume less cigs every day where you'll save your daily/weekly/monthly budget in consuming cigs and at the same time your are saving your health! till you reach a point and decide to reduce your smoking habit or quit smoking! sounds great right ;)

(A). Components of this project;

1- Hard Core paper (300 gm) is recommended / with mat lamination (for protection while folding).

2- Scissors / Cutter / Paper Folding Tool / double face adhesive tape or UHU liquid glue stick "all purposes".

Please follow the steps (images) with the same order.. Enjoy :)

Step 1: Download Attached Files

1. First of all, you have to download all attached files including diycut file, in order to consider how to fold the paper while you are making the pack.

2. Print out all documents using hard core paper (300 gm) by using laser printer or high quality jet printer.

3. Laminate all printed designs only (exclude diycut file) just to give thickness and protect the paper during folding process.

4. Use scissors or blade or cutter to cut out printed designs and remove all blank white areas.. Try to be precise and accurate as much as you can.

5. Use paper folding tool to fold all edges from inside NOT on printed areas side! (use diycut PDF file as reference and follow light grey dot lines).

6. Use double face adhesive tape or UHU liquid glue stick "all purposes" to stick corners or desired faces together.

7. Insert the small rectangular piece inside the pack to hold and protect your cigarettes properly.

Hooray! You made it :)

Now, you may fill your new Life Saving Pack with 9 cigs or 3 cigs along with your thin lighter...

Just a small reminder guys.. This pack is designed to help you reduce smoking or even to quit... Plus save your money and avoid harming your health by reducing the amount of cigarettes you consume every day!

And remember: Smoking increases risk of more than 25 diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

God protect us all from this habit!

If you like my project, just thumb up and share it with whom you love! ... All questions, comments and suggestions are most welcome!

Step 2: