Introduction: Lifesaver Lambo

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The wheel and axle is a simple machine consisting of a rod or spindle passing through the center of a wheel. It’s amazing how these two simple components work together as a simple rotating machine to decrease the amount of effort needed to move something from one place to another.

It is important to remember that this is only one design. You can change the shape and size of your lifesaver lambo as well as seats for passengers or cargo. Experiment by adding different amounts of weight to your lambo and see how it changes its speed. Be creative and experiment! There are unlimited possibilities.


  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Straws
  • Scissors
  • Lifesavers

Step 1: Fold

  • Fold the paper in half
  • Fold the paper in half again
  • Tape edges together

Step 2: Measure - Paper

  • Make 1” marks from each corner
  • Draw a line to connect them
  • Make a mark at 2-1/16” on the top and bottom
  • Draw a line to connect them

Step 3: Measure - Axle

  • Make a 6” mark to trim the axle
  • Make a 3” mark to center it with the body
  • Cut at the 6” mark

Step 4: Assemble

  • Carefully tape axle down
  • Tape edges of axle
  • Attach wheels
  • Fold the end of the tape over to ensure wheels do not come off
  • Roll tape around the end of the axle

Step 5: Test!

Test your lifesaver lambo to see how far it will roll! Then experiment with different sizes and shapes or add passengers or cargo!