Introduction: Lifting Jack

Hi ,I am Nageshwari from whitefield nook I am made Lifting jack.

I will show how to make lifting jack.



  • Felix tube
  • Ice cream stick
  • Copper wire
  • cardboard piece
  • Two syringe
  • Needle

Step 1: Ice Cream Sticks

Step: 2

  • Take 16 ice cream sticks.
  • And tie it like a diamond shape stands.
  • Like a chain as shown in the picture.
  • Make 2 chain like a diamond shape stands.

Step 2: Flexi Tube


  • Take two ice cream stick stand.
  • Place cardboard on the top and bottom of the ice cream sticks stand.
  • Take two syringe and fix flexi tube to both syringe .
  • And fix it to the stand.
  • Now the lifting jack is ready.