Introduction: Light Bulb Fitting

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I am always making extensions and adapting our lighting throughout the house for use with my wife's projects, or mine.
We needed an extension to place a hot bulb into an area with mould - apparently it does not like light and heat. Off I went dutifully to our local Macro and bought a fitting for the modern version of a bayonet connector - cos me £3.50, the unit was made ------.

Moochin through my toolbox I came across  some crimp connectors - looking at the blue item a thought struck me, tried it out and viola', the blue was a perfect push fit onto the light bulb.

Step 1: Nipples

Check out the photo's - ya see the kind of bulbs I am talking about. This little thing I noticed is cool because it allows you to make an extension or project and place into it any bulb with these kinds of end (nipples)

Step 2: A Nice Touch

Couple of nice things.

You can change the bulbs easily.

Simple push fit stops the connectors from arcing - never occurred to me they might but they will if exposed.

Put a plug on the end and you have a mobile light - add a light fitting to a cable and lower your illumination for projects etc.

if you use halogen bulbs  the heat will shrink the connector cover down over the tips of the bulb, locking it in place and making double sure no fingers get zapped.

Play around with this - see what ya can come up with.

See ya.