Introduction: Light Cage

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A lamp made of walnut, balsa wood and paper.

Step 1: Sawing

I sawed a piece of walnut into small boards

and the small boards into small sticks, using a cross cut sled and a push block.

Step 2: Making Dados

the height of the saw blade is the half of the stick

Make a first cut

Add a spacer and make your second cut.
The width of the spacer = the thickness of the sticks minus the thickness of your table saw blade

Make a third cut between.

Step 3: Making Frames

Sand everything and glue it together with wood glue.

Step 4: Making Cages

For the cages I used CA-glue. But this was not a good idea. Next time I will use wood glue.

Step 5: The Balsawood Frame

The inner cage got an extra frame of balsawood.

Balsawood is awesome! You can cut it in strips easier than paper. And it sticks perfect with wood glue.

Step 6: Painting

I painted all with water stain (walnut color). The effect is, the balsawood looks like the walnut.

Step 7: Glue the Paper On

The paper was normal printing paper.

I glued it only on the bottom and on the top of the cage with wood glue

Step 8: Assembling the Cage

Four sticks glued on the middle section (2 over and 2 under) of the medium cage hold everything together.

Step 9: Sawing the Base

I glued 3 boards together

Sawed it and drilled holes

To cut the edges, I used a extra high table saw fence.

Step 10: Finishing the Base

After sanding and painting, I added a piece of wood as a pedestal.

Step 11: Assembling

I put four long sticks (the end was rounded with a knife) in the holes of the base.

and glued a cross on them.

Then I glued the cage on the cross.

Step 12: Electrical Wiring

I pulled a cable through the cage and two O-rings on the side and added a switch.

Step 13: The Result

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