Introduction: Light Up Cardboard Cutouts!!

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This is a quick instructable on how to create a cheap cardboard cut out that lights up, and creates an attention capturing display for birthday party's. In this case i used ironman as my son loves superheroes, but you could use anything you can imagine as long as you can find a big enough sticker of it. Let's get started!

Step 1: Inventory

Firstly you will need to find a wall sticker of what you want to make. I searched ebay for ironman wall sticker and found one like shown. Secondly you will need some cardboard, some prewired LEDs (white), a 9v battery, a sharp scalpel and some glue.

Step 2: Cutting

Next i carefully cut around the sticker (without peeling it off its back) and carefully cut out ironmans arc reactor and repulsors (save these for later). and then glued this onto card. I didnt peel the sticker as the stickers transparent. Also it means so that in the future i can just peel the sticker off and use it else where.

After that i cut out the card and cut out the repulsors and arc reactor again so theres a hole all the way through the cutout.

Step 3: Add LEDs to Back

I didnt have many pics of doing this but because the LEDs are prewired its pretty straightforward. I glued an led to the back/side of the arc reactor and repulsor holes and covered with a little tin foil and taped over the top to not let any light out the back. I used double sided sticky foam to stick a battery to hold in place. On the picture you can see on the left the ironman lit up in daytime. Also my ironman helmet for inspiration :)

Step 4: Finishing Touch

Remember the offcuts from the arc reactor and repulsors? Now we need to put these back into place using a little glue around the edge so it looks like it did at the start. This makes it look great in the daytime and it helps defuse the light from the LEDs. Now sit back and enjoy your tabletop led cardboard cut outs!