Introduction: Light Up Cloaked Ghost Halloween Decoration

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Some people don`t feel like going out and spending 30 dollars on a Halloween decoration, well this ghost is easy to make and around $20 if you have a mallet and nails and sheet.

Step 1: You Will Need:

71" tall wood piece ( around $4-6 @ home depot)

40 in tall thick plastic piece (or any other thick 40" tall thing) ( wood: $5-7 at home depot)

14" long pvc pipe ( $1.64 @ home depot)

white glove ( $3.99 @ walmart)

cotton batting (stuffing) ( $5.00 @walmart)

2 nails ( $2.40 for Lb pack @ home depot)

Metal stake ($1.97 for loop stake @ home depot)

two 1` tall wood steaks ($3.87 each @ home depot)

mallet ( $4.97 @ home depot)

rope 50` ( $5.58 at home depot)

helmet ( $14.49 @ walmart)

safety pins ($3.56 for 144 pack @ walmart)

white queen size sheet ( 9.34@ target)

10" by 9" black felt ( $0.39 at micheals)

gardening shovel ($6.98 @ walmart)

15 ft red or purple string lights (optional)

Step 2: : Support

Use the shovel and make a 3 in hole in ground then put the piece of wood in the hole and fill it back up with dirt

Then either do the same thing with the thick plastic piece or use the mallet and pound it into the ground

Then with one steak put it right next to the tall wood piece and use the mallet to pound it into the ground 1/3 of the way then put another one 9" away from the tall wood piece an use the mallet to pound it half way

after that then take 5 ft of rope and the the tie wood stakes together by put both ends around the 3 support stems (wood stake main wood thick piece) then put both ends around the 2nd stake and tie 3 knots

Step 3: : Tie the Main Support

First take 7 ft of rope and tie a knot towards the bottom of the pole

Then with to same rope tie a knot further up the pole

then with the extra rope spin it around the pole between the two knots

then with the two ends tie them together

Step 4: The Arm and Hand

For the hand take the glove and fill it with the stuffing

Then take then nail and put it in between the pinkie and the ring finger

To put the hand on the pvc make sure the nail goes into the pipe (you can move it around to hear the noise of the nail hitting the pipe)

then with some rope tie a knot around the end of the glove to make it secure

(when you finish that click on the DSC and then a download should open when done click on it then it should show you how to put on the arm

Step 5: The Face/ Head

The video should say everything to do

click on both DSCN and wait for it to load then it will show you how to make the head and face

then for the holder on the top take a foot and 1/2 of rope and put it through the top middle hole of the helmet

Then pull it down so there is a little loop sticking out the top (later this will be used to hold the lights and blanket

then with the extra rope tie a know to keep the loop in place

Step 6: Lights (optional)

If you don`t have lights or if you don`t want lights you may skip this part

So for the lights take the middle of the strand and put it on the top of the helmet so on each side of the helmet there is a strand of lights

Then take a safety pin and put it around the middle of the helmet then put it through the top loop on the helmet

Then on each side put a safety pin around the lights and through the side loop

Step 7: The Cloak

for the cloak put the sheet over the head so it is hanging on the head

Then straighten the sheet so you can see a good amount of the black face and put a safety pin under the face holing the blanket in place, then put another safety pin through the black felt and the sheet securing the sheet in place

Then take the sheet over the bottom of the hand and hiding the rope that is on the glove then put safety pins above and below the hand

For this part you may put as many safety pins as you want so you think it is secure and the blanket wont fall off i have put some picture of where i put the pins]

At the bottom of the blanket spread it out so it looks like a cloak the put a nail on one side of the cloak and put it in the ground then take a steak and towards the back put the stake on the blanket and put it into the ground

Step 8: What You Should Have

you should have:

the lights (if you did them ) all the way up and all the way down the structure of the ghost

The main support

The blanket securely on the structure

the face as the only non-white part being seen

All the rope, wood and lights hidden under the blanket

Step 9: Finished!

Now if you did the lights the ghost should glow a creepy red or purple

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