Introduction: Light Up Flower Crown Headbands for Summer Music Festivals, Weddings, Special Occasions

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Light up the night with a beautiful floral LED headband!

Perfect for any weddings, music festivals, proms, costumes and special occasions!

Kits with everything you need to make your own light up headband are now available in the Wearables Workshop store!!! Ready to wear LED flower crowns are also available for purchase here!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

What you need:

  • 24″ of black 12 gauge
  • floral wire
  • black electrical tape
  • green floral tape
  • 26 gauge green floral wire
  • decorative flowers of your choice

You can also purchase kits containing everything you need for this project in the Little Light Lab store

Step 2: Make the Wire Base

  • Cut one 24″ piece of 12 gauge floral wire
  • Shape the wire into a ~ 7" Diameter circle with the tails of the wire piece overlapping by ~2.5"
  • Twist the overlapping tails of the wire circle together and wrap them with black electrical tape.

Step 3: Create a Pocket for the Battery Pack

Place the battery pack for the LED strand in the corner of the bag it came in. Then cut out the corner of the bag to create a pouch for the battery pack.

Leave 1/2″ of extra material on the side of the pocket.

Use black electrical tape to tape the pouch together along the side of the battery pack.

Carefully wrap the rest of the pouch with black electrical tape.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the pocket is large enough for the battery pack to easily slide in and out! Trim away extra material near the opening.

Step 4: Attach the Battery Pack to the Wire Loop

Wrap black electrical tape around the pouch and the wire loop where the two ends of the wire loop overlap.

DO NOT wrap too tightly.

Check that the battery pack can still easily slide in and out of the pouch.

Step 5: Wrap the LED Strand Around the Wire Loop

Before wrapping the LEDs around the wire loop, make sure you create enough slack in the cord to allow the battery pack to slide in and out of its case.

Wrap the cord with electrical tape where the cord first meets the loop to keep it in place. See pictures above.

Once you have secured the battery pack, wrap the LED strand around the wire loop. It's better not to wrap the actual LEDS too tightly to the loop.

You should also leave a little room for them to stand off from the loop so they can be placed decoratively later.

Step 6: Wrap Everything in Floral Tape

Wrap the LEDs with white floral tape to give the LEDs a more diffuse glow. Then, wrap the rest of the project with green floral tape.

You can also choose to leave the LEDs bare to create brighter, sharper points of light along the band.

Step 7: Decorate With Flowers

Place flowers around the crown as desired. It is easiest if you start by making sure the battery pack is covered.

Wrap wire around the loop and the stems of the flowers to secure the flowers to the crown.

Step 8: Wear It!

Light up flower crowns are great for summer music festivals, parades, and special occasions!

If you liked this tutorial and would like to find more fun DIY tutorials like this one, please visit the Wearables Workshop Website.

If you think this is a fun project and would like to make your own, complete kits with all of the supplies you need to make a flower crown are available here.

Finished flower crowns are also available for purchase here.

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