Introduction: Lighter Style Night Lamp

Lighter style lamp can be a night lamp or a portable hand-hold lamp. When you want to get up at night, this product can substitute candles, night lamps, lighters, and flashlights. Lighter style lamp is efficient, useful, and decorative, imitates the effect of burning fire. Therefore, it's safer for babies and children.

Step 1: Materials You'll Need

1. Arduino Leonardo x1

2. Mini breadboard x1

3. Wires x5

4. Resistance x1

5. Red light LED x1

6. Two-stage switch x1

7. Thick cardboard x1-2

8. Pencil & scissor (Planning & Cutting)

9. Color pens (Decorating)

Step 2: Circuit Diagram & Breadboard & Code

This is the circuit diagram and breadboard of the lighter style lamp.

Step 3: Procedure of the Out-shape

1. A piece of cardboard

2. Draw a sketch on the cardboard with 2.5 cm width, 7 cm lengths, 8.5 cm height; a sketch of a cap (2.5 cm width, 7 cm lengths, 3 cm height), a LED holder (4 strips with 2.2 cm width in total, 6.8 lengths per strip), and a bottom (2 cm width, 6-6.5 cm lengths). Drawing as shown

3. Cut the cardboard, fold the sidewalls, and attach the sidewalls by glue

- Stick the Arduino and breadboard in one side of the sidewalls, THEN GLUE IT!

-Remember to drill a hole on one side of the sidewalls for inserting the switch

4. Cap and box attached by glue (See the attach area)

5. Cut 4 strips of cardboard. Attach 4 strips, stick it inside of the body (On top), and insert a LED by glue

6. Cut a 1cm x 1cm square on the bottom cardboard in front of the plug, then attach to the bottom of the body cardboard

And you're DONE!