Introduction: LighterDrive

Making a skin out of lighter for my USB drive. I did this in Nov 2007. My friends always asked how i did it then i told them. but none have tried cause didnt have the right Usb drive that fits. Only now i get to share what i've done with you guys... =) The idea just came out of no where... But its my 2nd try. the 1st try was a mess and end up giving it to my bro. this one is the easiest and better version. So, lets light em up!

Step 1: Preperation

1)USB drive (Pendrive USB drive is preferable)
2)a lighter (Cricket or other same size lighter)
3) cutter (or dremel tool for those who have 1)

Step 2:

First of all, empty your lighter if it is still filled with gas.

If you can get a hand on an empty 1, thats great. It save your time here...
However, do relly make sure that it is totally empty. its for your own safety... =)
If it is, then proceed to the next page. If not, follow me...

I emptied mine at first.(even thought there are few that are already empty. Its because i eagerly want it to be the green 1 that's why).

Well, i remove the cap and everything. Then, i let the gas flow out by itself. This is to make it fast.

WARNING! Dont expose it to anything that can lit it. or else something else will happen. Do this outdoor if posible, without exposing to heat.

After it is finish, put everything back to where it suppose to be.

Step 3:

Now that you have an emtpy lighter, cut the lighter at the marking point after measuring the cutting point.

Step 4:

The next step is to remove the middle inner part of the lighter that serve as a wall dividing the gas into 2 segment.

Step 5:

Now, fit your USB drive into its new skin.

Here is how you do it.

1) place the cap for the USB.
2) place the USB to its body and slip it in until the cap fits.
3) now, your very own lighter USB drive is complete. =)

You can add a little deco if you want to... Like what i did to mine. =)
Hoping that i would do a better one after this. Maybe making it really light up? hehe...
Guess i will definitely do... =)

Now, show your new drive to your friends. Light em up!!! Hehe...


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