Introduction: Lighting Sword Greeting Card (Paper Ciruit)

Paper Circuits, one of the best ways to embed electronics onto your greeting cards, can double up the fun if you can add more effects to it. Let's see how a normal paper circuit can create amazing effects with few modifications.

Skill : Beginner


  • Aluminum/Copper foil tape
  • Coin cell battery
  • LED
  • Foam sheet
  • Scotch tape
  • Straw

Step 1: Fold the Templates

For your ease of understanding, we have made a template of paper circuit so as to enmark the led position. Fold the template from the center and make it like a folded booklet.

Step 2: Adding Aluminium Tape

Put the aluminum tape on the given path which is provided on the template. Begin sticking the aluminum tape to the circuit page at one of the circular battery locations. Stop just before a corner or LED location.

Step 3: Connect the Battery

First, we stick foam paper at the location given on template and then attach battery on it as shown in the figure.

Batteries have a positive and a negative side. Coin cell batteries are labeled with a plus (+) symbol on the positive side (see first image above). Place the battery with the negative side down on the negative battery circle location. The positive side should face up.

Bend the aluminum tape with white adhesive sticker along the dashed line (-----)

Step 4: Adding the LED

Be sure to leave a gap between aluminum tape when adding an LED (Light Emitting Diode; see first image above). The LED should face outside and legs should be inside.

If the aluminum tape from one side of the battery touches the tape from the other side of the battery, it will short circuit and the circuit will not function.

Secure the LED in position with aluminium tape.

Step 5: Adding Straw

Important step. Add a straw to the LED and stick it to the paper.

Light passing through the straw will be refracted and partially pass through it, creating nice effects.

Step 6: Let's See It in Action

Just fold up the page and press it on the battery.

The LED glows up along with creating amazing effect by light refracting through straw.

You can add straws to other paper circuits as well to create such amazing effects.

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