Introduction: Lightsaber

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My new project, sith acolyte's set. I've decided to start with lightsaber, so here it is an Instruction about its process

Materials you need:
1) LED (strip)
2) Chrome and PVC tubes
3) just PVC sheet
4) Button, batteries for LEDs
5) Polypropylene tubes
6) Super glue and glue sticks
7) Heater for windows (strip)

Step 1: Handle

i used a chrome tube for basis, after that i glued different PVC parts for more interesting design. Here everything depends on your imagination

Step 2: Electronics

I bought a LED strip the colour i need (red) and winded it round with heater for windows (here are photos). So, you need to make for about 3 layers for better effect. After that you need to put this "sausage" into PP-tube. Don't forget about batteries and button [You can use 8 batteries for 1,5v (series connection) or just a battery for 12v]

Step 3: Final Step

After all the steps you made, you need to glued it together (blade must be in handle for about 100mm for better connection) and paint (i used Montana Black chrome and Black acrylic paint for weathering). So, here it is, if you've got some questions, ask it please, i'll answer with pleasure.

Good luck in craft!