Introduction: Lily Pad Solar Pool Warmers

Add heat to your pool by using the power of the Sun.

Step 1: Gather Together Your Supplies.

hula hoop
black trash bag
pool noodle
duct tape or plastic tie
razor knife

Step 2: Put the Hoop in the Bag,

A snug fit is best.

Step 3: Twist It Tight.

Its alright to have some air in the bag.

Step 4: Close With Duct Tape or a Plastic Tie.

Make sure the bag is sealed. You can trim any excess with your knife.

Step 5: Cut and Attach the Noodles.

Cut the noodles into four 8 inch pieces.

Slice each piece down the side so you can open them up.

Attach each piece to your pad folding back corners and any excess bag for a finished look.

Step 6: Finished!

I had found similar pads on the internet, but they were more labor intensive. These will float better and you can piggy back them to focus on the sunny side of the pool.

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