Linkit ONE : Battery Recharging and Power Check

Introduction: Linkit ONE : Battery Recharging and Power Check

The linkit one battery features

Step 1: Materials


Linkit ONE


USB cord

Step 2: How to Charge

Simply plug in the battery into the top right corner and flip the switch to charge the battery

Step 3: Battery Life

To check the battery life plug in the USB cord . From there set the program mode to UART.Then go to arduino and Tools > Board > LinkIt ONE.After that File > Examples > LBattery > Battery.Compile and then run.After it finishes uploading, click Serial monitor .It will show you how much charge your battery currently has. That's all Enjoy

Step 4:

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    6 years ago

    I've been curious about this. Which switch are you flipping to charge the battery? Are you doing this while it's plugged into the computer? Also, is there and indicator light or anything? Thanks for your help.