Introduction: Linkit ONE: Easy Superhero Sky Light

Miniaturized Superhero sky light

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need...

-Tape Measure

-Linkit ONE (with battery)

-An LED of any color

-A sharpie

-A glue stick



-A sheet of clear plastic

Step 2: Linkit ONE

Pluging in an LED is easy. For this part of the project all you need is an LED , the Linkit ONE and battery.

Step 3: Construction

Cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard 3 x 3.25. In the middle of the rectnle cut a hole with a diameter of 2.25.

Step 4: Construction Continued

Now cut a sheet of plastic 3 x 3.25. Then on the plastic, use the sharpie to drawn whatever you want to ge shown on the wall. Remember the drawing cannot be bigger than the circle you cut in the card board. Next you will need to make the stand.Now cut two identicle rectangles of cardboard. Size will vary Depending on how far you want the light to shine. mine was only three feet away so my rectangles were 2x8.

Step 5: Glueing

You are almost done. Glue the plastic sheet with the drawing onto the cardboard with the hole. Then glue the 2 x 8 pieces of cardboard to the bottom of the linkit one and on the side of the other piece of cardboard. When it dries your finished.

Step 6: Finish

This is how mine turned out if you have any questions leave a comment.Have fun!

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