Introduction: Linkit ONE Motion Sensing Christmas Tree Sounder

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This Project will Sit Under your Christmas tree and sense any Motion. If the Motion is Sensed then it will pay a "Ho Ho Ho" Santa's Voice or "Jingle Bells" Instrumental Sound. ( Can be Selected in Code.)

This Project is an Compact + It is Fun in Making this !....

Step 1: Materials Needed

Get the Following:

1) Linkit ONE

2) Portable Speaker

3) PIR Module

4) Breadboard Wires.

5) Double Tape

Step 2: Upload the Code & Audio Files

Upload the Given Code.

Make Sure to Un-Comment a Audio Line to Play your Favorite Voice.!

Now switch the Uart to MS Mode

and Upoad the Both Given Audio files to Linkit ONE Internal Memory..

Step 3: Solder Breadboard Wires to PIR Sensor

Solder 3 Breadboard Wires to PIR and Connect it to Linkit ONE as follows:

OUTPUT --> D12

VCC --> 3.3v


Warning:- As you know PIR Modules will work with 4.5v and Above , So you will need to Short the Regulator on board to make pir Module work with 3.3v off Linkit ONE.

There are many Tutorials on Internet to Make PIR Modules work with 3.3v.

Ask Google Uncle ;)

Step 4: Stick All the Components

Now, Take the PIR Sensor and Stick it to the top of Portable Speaker.

Then Take Linkit ONE and Attach it to the back of the portable speaker.

Battery would be attached to the side of Speaker.


Plug in the Aux Cable of Portable Speaker and connect Battery to Linkit ONE.

Step 5: Turn It ON & Done

Now just turn the usb switch to Bat.a and The linkit one would be started.

The code will wait for 10 seconds to initialize PIR Module. and then it will play the sound file whenever there is someone infront of it.

You can also Keep it under the Christmas tree and When ever Someone Comes infont of it then a Voice would come "Ho Ho Ho' :D .. it would cool!

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