Introduction: Linkit - One Basic Fix

Hi all Link-it One users

This is a quick Instructable to help those that have discovered that with continued use of the Linkit-One Board it will get confused at some point and also that updating the firmware is not a simple as the manufacturers suggest it should be.

Step 1: Firmware Update

Once you have installed all the applications you need to ie the Arduino IDE and the Media Tek SDK

instructions tell you to update the firmware - personally I found this not to be immediately required as the board function fine out of the box, however when you do get to update your firmware you may find as (from my searches) a number of other users have that the update just hangs at 5% an then fails.

This is something that has worked for me so please assess for yourselves its usefulness.

At the point where the update looked like hanging (5%) I quickly removed then replaced the USB cable - this had the effect of restarting the download at which point it went to completion with a successful update message being displayed.

Step 2: Your Board Continually Restarts and the Code Does Not Operate.

This problem has occurred to me and took me a while to notice the symptom and then get the never to do something about it.


  • The board does nothing but restart the code you want to run does nothing or gets stuck in a loop - this is the board continually trying to recognize it and run it.
  • The red start up light just ever stays on or flashes continually


The code that you want to run has compiled from the IDE but for what ever reason some form of corruption took place that did not present as an error. This resulted in the code making it onto the board and then confusing it completely.


  • Detach your board from the USB
  • Move the UART / MS switch to the MS position (this is the small switch just between the USB connection and the Battery socket)
  • Attache your board to the USB
  • When the new drive found message appears open it in explorer.
  • The files and directory present represent the uploaded code - delete the lot - they will be recreated when you get to upload a new sketch.
  • Remove the USB again
  • return the UART / MS switch back to the UART position
  • re-power your board

The steps above will leave your board with no uploaded code to run and so nothing to confuse it - you should be good to upload your new code at this point.

Thanks for reading

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