Introduction: Linkit One IoT: Sending Alert Email

This is my third instructable of my Linkit One IoT series. Do check my previous instructables because this instructables is a continuation of it.

Here are the link:

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In This tutorial I will show you how to trigger an email alert with Linkit One board by using ubidots Platform

Step 1: Setting an Event

as I mention before you do need to check my previous instructable here. because we will not do any coding or different hardware setup in here.

The email that will be sent contain alert notification if the Gas level are above normal based on the data uploaded to the ubidots platform.

We will start at your ubidots dasboard, click the "Event" Menu just like in the picture.

Step 2: Create a New Event

Click on the "add event" box.

Then choose the gas data that we will use

Step 3: Data Variable

Choose the MQ 2 data variable

Step 4: IFTTT (If This Then That)

this is the section where you set the data value that will trigger the alert notification.

The gas normal data is below 100, so the abnormal data is above or greater than 100.

Step 5: Set Your Email Address and Subject

Choose the email icone

Fill the box with your own email address and set the subject as you like.

after you do that, you will ask to give a name to this event. Name it whatever you like

Step 6: You Got Mail

now you have a new event for your project.

Try to give the sensor gas from a gas lighter to get a big sensor data above 100 then you will receive the email that you've just set before.